50 Manual Coupon Distribution


Service Code LCD50
Service Total Submission 50
Service Days 5
Service Report 1

Increase the sales of your product quickly by distributing the promotion coupons to the best coupon sites. We offer coupon submission service to promote your business coupon.

Project Duration: Coupons distributed to 50 handpicked coupon sites in just 5 working days
Our benefits: Coupons distributed to very popular coupon sites
Quick distribution of coupons in just 5 working days.

Package Required Data

Title : What are the Required data for Coupon distribution?

1. Store name : (eg. yoursite.com)
2. Deal Name : (Up to 60 Characters)
3. Deal Description : (Up to 150 Characters )
4. Coupon Code : XYZ
5. Offer Terms / Restrictions:
6. Expiration Date :
7. Url :
8. Contact Name and Contact Address: (Address, City, State, Zip and Ph. no)

Frequently Asked Question

Absolutely no. We don't use any software, our team submit your coupon code manually.

You get several benefits from coupon distribution. Coupon distribution helps you to get

1) More customer

2) More sale

3) More online presence

4) Build reputation of your products or service

Yes, we will provide the very best customer support. You will be able to contact us by a number of ways like call, email, Skype or web chat. We provide 24X7 customer support to our clients all over the world.

We send you all detail report in an excel sheet with Live URLs of the listing, sites list where we submit your coupon code, Username, Password, Email which we use to submit your coupon code.